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feel welcome

Here I share with you my background, projects, achievements and professional portfolio


feel welcome

Here I share with you my background, projects, achievements and professional portfolio

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The site aims to gather my professional history and present the trajectory, show the work carried out and important case studies, as well as bring relevant content to the tourism market.

Mari is one of the most amazing people to work with, her energy and mood is contagious to everyone around her. Through showing love and empathy with others, she manages to create a fairer and more inclusive society with her deep understanding of how relationships are the basis of transformation.

Flavia PascowitchB Corp Brazil

After I met Mari, things evolved a lot around here and our work became very well known in many places. It was a great learning experience for us. She is a true warrior and an example of inspiration and strength I would recommend her work to anyone and I wish her a lot of success in life.

ValdireneCeramic Artisan of Vale do Jequitinhonha

Speaking of Mari as a person, she is a very enlightened being, has incredible charisma and deeply cares about others. Professionally, she is always very aligned with what is happening in the world, dedicated, committed, always concerned about including others in society, thinks of the well-being of everyone and performs her work with social responsibility and sustainability, things that I think are necessary for our country, for our world. We need to empathize and include everyone, not just those with higher purchasing powers, but to include the population as a whole, thus valuing our culture, women and children.

Sheila GonçalvesStudent at SENAC-SP

Marianne is very determined and works with a lot of passion. Her choice to create positive impacts from travel is connected to her purpose and benefits from the enthusiasm and joy that she puts into the experience.

Mariana MadureiraDirector at Raízes Sustainable Development

Leader, strong woman, professional colleague of whom I am very proud! I believe Mari pays great service to Brazilian tourism as her work advocates responsible tourism that cares about generating income and leaving a positive legacy in the communities where she works! When working with her, I've felt an ease to connect and have intense exchanges with people! Mari is a breath of fresh air.

Marcela PimentaDirector at Tourism 360

I believe that the definition of Mar's work is the gift of communication with a lot of love and joy, persistence and efficiency. She does what she loves, and it spills over into all the work she does. In the projects that I follow here in Tocantins, her commitment to the transformation of people is evident, thus generating local and regional socio-environmental development.

Haiany Cristina Ribeiro de MirandaNippon Koei Lac

Mari is such an energetic and charismatic person. She has an unique ability to connect with different people and has become a global reference for community-based tourism. Mari has a force that is very admirable in Brazil, where there are huge cultural and environmental contrasts. Therefore, Vivejar is a great asset for everyone who can access these transformative experiences.

Felipe BrescanciniThink Twice Brasil

For me, Marianne is a good person, responsible and a great professional. During the time we have worked with her, she proved to be very honest and open to talk to. The experience has been really good! For me she is an amazing professional, a great person and I don't have a single bad word to say about her.

DeuzaniCeramic Artisan of Vale do Jequitinhonha

We have been working with community-based tourism for a few years here on the island of Cotijuba, we have some partners that help us to develop this type of tourism and we had a very rich experience in getting to know Marianne and Vivejar. The exchange of experiences she brought to us, knowledge, sensitivity, professionalism and respect for the community that she always has. And one thing that stands out is the concern she has with the education of the locals that will receive the tourists, encouraging people to study in order to have the understanding of how to pass on knowledge in a simple way. I think this is a very important part, because it values the community and it further values the knowledge that the community has and deepens it. I believe that makes Marianne a very special person working with this kind of tourism, which is all about respecting the local communities.

Adriana LimaCoordinator of the Women's Movement of the Islands of Belém - Ilha de Cotijuba

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