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Target Audience

Aimed at tourist destinations that want to improve their experiences, generate more positive impact and, above all, generate and distribute more benefits through tourist activity:

  • Funding organizations (public and private)

  • Governance instances

  • Business and community associations

  • Companies located in destinations or even interested in developing transforming experiences.


To support and facilitate the development of increasingly sustainable, responsible and transformative  tourist experiences, Marianne Costa works with government, business and community leaders:

  •  Identifying tourism potential in line with market trends and demand
  • Creating tourism products in line with market trends and demand
  • Improving governance processes and collective work in favor of Destinations
  • Amplifying the positive impact, making these destinations better places to live and visit!


  • The practical experience of someone who is also in the role of entrepreneur, operator and deals directly with Brazilian and foreign tourists. 
  • The empathy and sensitivity needed to facilitate participatory processes, understanding that in a tourist destination everyone is important and needs to be heard, regardless of socioeconomic levels, education or ethnicity! 
  • Believing that innovation necessarily passes through
    Taking Responsibility, regardless of the place each one occupies in this chain!


A special way to put those involved on the “same page”.

With accessible language and based on inspiring cases, Marianne Costa has extensive experience in facilitating learning processes across Brazil, for different contexts and realities, from the simplest communities to international events. To this end, she develops the following activities:

  • Courses
  • Speeches
  • Individual Mentors
  • Events
  • Consulting
  • Projects
  • Collective Mentoring


Ana Rosa Proença

Amazonian, Tourismologist from the University of the State of Amazonas. Master in Tourism and PhD student in Humanities at the University of São Paulo. She acts as a consultant in community-based tourism projects with traditional communities across the country. She is a member-director of Instituto Vivejar and supports the Xepí Institute (Xingu-MT) in the preparation and management of projects.

Jéssica Miho Sakaguchi

Master's student in Humanities, Rights and Other Legitimacies (FFLCH/USP) and bachelor's degree in Tourism (ECA-USP). She has experience in hospitality, travel operations and teaching support in the Tourism course at USP. She is a member of the Blue Saturdays Initiative Management Nucleus, a volunteer network that provides free technical guidance to managers, leaders or local entities of tourist destinations.

Aline Tambasco

Internationalist (UNESP/Franca), with a focus on environmental studies. She is Marianne Costa's administrative advisor. She works as project manager at Instituto Astral (Brotas-SP) and media manager at Mundo de Amanhã project.

Samira Delis Oliveira

Technician in Events, graduating in Tourism at ECA/USP (4th period) and intern at Consultancy, she is a country girl in São Paulo focused on collaborating so that people are more fulfilled and conscious.

Want to talk about consulting, lecture or other project, get in touch here and let’s talk!